Learn, Practice, Embody 

Language cannot capture the melody of a song; to understand it, you must hear it with your own ears.
So it is with the Dao: the only way to understand it is to directly experience it.
- Laozi, HHC 30

Medical Qigong Programs

Heal yourself

Heal others

Become rooted in spirit, firmly established within the Three Treasures of Heaven, Earth, and Person through structural alignment, profound breathwork, and a clear still mind.

Daoist Training

The deepest meanings are beyond words and can only be grasped by direct experience.  Even with partial understanding, life changing events take place.

Through learning these traditions, clarity is acquired, perspective gained, and purpose realized.

Online Trainings

Live in real-time with a Master Instructor, learn, train, and embody from the comfort of your own home without losing the depth of teachings.

We offer a variety of training opportunities — Qigong, meditation, Daoist training, scriptural studies, and more. 

Online Trainings

Learn, train, and embody, at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home without losing the depth of teachings.

We offer a variety of self-paced training opportunities — Qigong, meditation, scriptural studies, and more.


Best teacher ever - Bernard easily picks up on my weakness and strengths and easily adapts the instruction to my level of understanding.
This training is better than I ever dreamed of or imagined! The material presented is mind-blowing! Dr. Shannon is meticulously prepared in the material and his ability to transfer knowledge.
Bernard is very compassionate and can explain the material at a deeper level than iIhad experienced before. He is able to speak right my heart without me needing to voice my blockages. 
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