Women's Reproductive Health

  • Level: Open
  • Video time: 6 hours
  • Exams: 0
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This 2-day workshop is for anyone on the reproductive health spectrum, whether you are looking to maintain a healthy reproductive system, rejuvenate vitality, or you have varying levels of stagnation (i.e. benign cysts to malignant tumors).

True prevention or restoration of reproductive health is an active, life-enhancing process that can only be gained from a strong internal energy system. You can learn do this through powerful Qigong movements and lifestyle shifts.

In this program, you will be taught Qigong exercises that are specially designed to increase your energy, release stagnant emotions, and promote smooth energy flow throughout the body. These exercises will promote harmony in the body, and improve energy flow to the reproductive area.

With regular practice, these physical issues can then be released and the internal conditions that foster them resolved.
In this seminar we will cover: 

  • Current Western paradigm
  • Chinese medicine's view on reproductive health
  • Energetic formation of various disharmonies 
  • Specific Qigong exercises and meditations to optimize reproductive health

Please treat this workshop as you might a deep detox. Allow for plenty of time for self-care afterwards in case you have emotional releases, feel contemplative, or your body desires to rest.

Let’s take proactive steps to protect your reproductive health.
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