Connect the Dots

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Course overview
Connect with your body for health, with Earth for grounding, and with Heavens to strengthen Virtue and awareness.
  • Video time: 6 hours
  • Recorded Meditations: 4

Connect the Dots

Connecting you with your body
for health and well-being.

Connecting you with Earth 
for grounding and stability in all things we do.

Connecting you with the Heavens 
for strengthening Virtue and intuitive awareness.

A Journey to Alignment

In this seminar three unique meditations are practiced and then integrated into one final combined fusion of the elemental energies within us through connection with Earth and the Heavens.

We start with Ren Wu Zang (人五脏), Person Five Organ, a powerful protection meditation that protects you from outside influences by strengthening your field of protective energy (Wei Qi) and connecting with your internal organs. 

From there, we move to the Earth with Di Wu Zang (地五脏), Earth Five Organ, a meditation that grounds and stabilizes, while fortifying our energy with the elemental nature of fire, soil, metal, water, and wood. It dispels our fears of separation and pain, and sedates primal nature and survival instincts.

Then comes the Heavens with Tian Wu Zang (天五脏), Heaven Five Organ. This meditation lifts you into stillness and a sense of awe as you realize your place in the cosmos. It brings you into Virtue and union, and activates your innate connection with the elemental nature of the planets (Mars, Saturn, Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter);   

Lastly, we integrate these first three meditations into one exquisite practice. We align each element vertically, nourishing the body from above and below. A perfect fusion of the Three Treasures (三宝): Heaven, Earth, and Person. Through this practice you connect to your true nature, one of presence, stillness, and openness.

After the seminar, you’ll have access to the lectures, meditations, and printable handouts for 90 days to ensure you are able to embody these practices. The link will be provided upon completion of the event. 
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